Did Beyonce Just Reveal The Sex Of Her Twins? The Beyhive Thinks She Dropped THIS Clue

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Did Beyoncé just reveal the sex of her babies? We will let you guys be the judge
They Beyhive is doing some serious work analyzing Beyoncé’s outfits and may have just figured out the sex of her babies!

Its no secret Queen B likes to tease fans with subtle wardrobe hints. For instance when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, on a 20/20 interview Beyoncé wore blue Alexander McQueen leggings to which viewers thought she was telling us she was having a boy! But now we all know it was a nod to her daughters first name Blue Ivy.

So what does the latest Beyoncé attire tell us about her soon to be twins? She was recently spotted out at her stepfathers birthday dinner. She wore a black velvet bodycon dress, an almost 5,000 dollar Gucci bag, thigh high black boots, a choker, and a pair of silver hoops. Look closely at the earrings, do they look familiar? Turns out she wore these earrings once before on the set of her 2008 music video for “If I Were A Boy.” So could this mean Beyoncé is pregnant with twin boys?

The Beyhive has been blowing up twitter with all sorts of theories.

King B Said, “
Beyoncé is Having BOYS.... BEYONCÉ is having BOYS.
She wearing them earrings from the video "If I Were A Boy" ‪#WAKEUP‬”

Earrings are from the "if I were a boy video". She could be having a boy/s. May be a reach but she's known for her subtle hints‬

End Card: Ok guys, what are your thoughts on Beyonce’s earrings? Do you think she’s having boys or just a coincidence? Let us know in the comments below! And then be sure to click right over here to check out the Dirty Laundry from the Kids Choice Awards. And don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks for watching, I’m our host Meghan Lamontagne and I’ll catch ya later.

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