Cinchy Rescue Appaloosa filly

06 Jun 2013 15:10 2
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There is nothing edited out We just did short clips as long ones do not load well. This is my first time meeting this youngster, her owners have brought her far, they said she could not be touched, when they first got her. I worked her feet to make her good for the farrier I used the hoof jack and went through the motions with my rasp. You could tell she was very nervous, probably never been trimmed. Owners reported farrier gave a good report of her first trim. Since this was taped I worked her again on this same thing, she was still reactive (bucked like she was trying out for the rodeo) but she did much better in the end. used a bareback pad. Owners had done this in between my visits, showed me how good she was one time, then told me she was bad the next? I believe she will get over this shortly.. She is well loved!
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