Top 7 Takeaways for Android App Bundles

12 Nov 2018 03:27 30
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Check out the top 7 takeaways on Android App Bundles from this year’s Android Dev Summit!

1. Size matters: bigger apps are more at risk for slower downloads and uninstalls. You shouldn’t have to worry about the tradeoffs of having a bigger app. The new app model makes this a lot easier!

2. The Android App Bundle, the official app publishing format. Apps that have already adopted the bundle are seeing an average size saving of 35%, compared to a universal APK!

3. App developers around the world (like Twitter and Duolingo) have switched to the App Bundle and are seeing size savings.

4. Get android platform optimization and more size savings “out of the box” with uncompressed native libraries!

5. Modularize with dynamic features that can be installed on demand, deferred to a later time, or “fused” into the main app for pre-L devices. These features are all supported in production already.

6. Use the Play Core library to manage modules. To interact with the Play Store to request these on demand modules, use the Split Install API.

7. Build now with Android Studio, Gradle, and Unity!

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