Making laptops work with Linux

22 Nov 2014 46:07 3
22 3

Presenter(s): Matthew Garrett

Laptops are pretty much like PCs, in that they boot the same operating system and run the same software. And then you notice that laptop vendors seem to compete on how many extra little buttons and switches they can cram into a system, and also that nobody seems to be able to agree on any kind of standard interface for things like disabling wireless cards.

This presentation will take audience members on a tour of

laptop-specific functionality from the embedded controller through the platform firmware to the operating system. The mechanisms and tricks involved in identifying the programming interfaces for these bits of magic hardware will be outlined with many (far too many) examples provided, ranging from staring at ACPI dumps to using qemu as a test harness. Audience members my not leave with working laptops, but they'll have the benefit of

(a) understanding *why* they don't work, and

(b) knowing where to start in terms of improving things. -

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