Link's Awakening Then & Now - Trailer Comparison

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This is the Japanese version of the trailer. I uploaded before the English dub was dropped 🤷‍♂️

Hey everyone! As you probably know Link's Awakening launches this month. So, to kick off my Zelda coverage here's a quick comparison video of the brand new Link's Awakening trailer dropped yesterday by Nintendo of Japan. Notice something? That's right is has actual lyrics to the Ballad of the Wind Fish!!! FINGERS CROSSED WE GET AN ENGLISH VERSION. Besides that, hearing this music alongside a comparison of the original 1993 and 1998 versions of Link's Awakening is surreal, to say the least. So what do you think of the updates to Link's Awakening? Are you picking up this Zelda game? Drop a comment and let me know what's up! Thanks for watching.

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By: Gianny Abel
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Originally Japanese Link’s Awakening trailer Ft. Ballad of the Wind Fish -

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