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10 rare medical conditions that actually exist

Xeroderma pigmentosum, aka vampire syndrome is a condition causing extreme sensitivity to UV. Those who suffer from it have to be completely shielded from sunlight or will suffer from extreme sunburn and shedding of the skin

Alien hand syndrome is a condition that causes involuntary rogue hand movements that act independently from the patient's own brain, doing things such as picking up object or moving them away, even if the person doesn't make their hand do so

Fish odour syndrome is an inherited enzyme deficiency that prevents the breakdown of trimethylamine which is the chemical associated with the pongy odour of decaying fish. This leads to urinE, sweat and breath all smelling fishy. Unfortunately nothing can be done for this condition

Achromia aka albinism is the complete absence of pigment in the skin hair and eyes due to a defect in the tyrosinase enzyme which is involved in the production of melanin. this is a genetic disorder and is also seen in animals. People with achromia have a lot of visual problems including increased sensitivity to light and involuntary eye movements

Oligodactyly is a congenital abnormality where a person is born with fewer than five digits on the hands or feet . This is a very rare condition that normally has a genetic or family link. Surprisingly those with the condition may have full use of the remaining digits and adapt well to the condition.

Hyperekplexia is a condition that causes extreme reactions to stimuli which causes uncontrollable jumps and falls due to being startled. This condition is normally due to a genetic mutation which leads to less inhibition of the central nervous system. This condition normally happens from birth but may be less prominent after 1 year of age.

Polymelia is a birth defect where a person is born with more than the usual number of limbs. This can be due to the embryo starting as conjoined twins but end up being attached to the other twin

Nevus of ota is a blur hyper pigmentation that occurs in the eyes. Women are 5x more affected than men and this condition can appear during puberty. This condition is treatable with a special laser or surgery

Neurofibromatosis is a systemic disorder that's characterised by defects in the skin, especially spots and Axillary freckling. Also the growth of multiple benign and malignant nervous system tumours

Necrotising fasciitis is a bacterial skin infection that eats away at the skin, fat and the tissue covering the muscles rapidly. This condition can happen to anyone and rapidly can lead to amputation.