Matthew Santoro - FACTS f. Ellevan & Humble the Poet

10 Nov 2017 04:17 3,129
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Produced by Ellevan. Directed by Strø. Shot on RED.
Special thanks to EllevanMusic and HumbleThePoet for their tireless hours put in helping to produce, perform in, and perfect this song!
More music:
More music:

Huge thanks to all these talented people who appeared in the video. They all do amazing things! FOLLOW THEM ON IG!
Stephen Spence @iamstevenspence
Jah'lon Wright @ijahlon
Swoozie @swoozie
Ashley Kaltwasser @ashleykfit
Tim Brehmer @tim_brehmer
Josh Lin @joshpalerlin
Simmi Singh @simszter
Brandon Dawson @bdizzlewitthestampinthemiddle
Twan @twan
Ray Diaz @raydiaz
London Shay @londonshaygoheen
Adin Kolansky @adinkolansky
Brittanie Nash @brittanie.nash
Tori Ross @itstoriross
Sabrina Manning @sabrina_nissa
Huda Chay @hudachay
Madeleine Rose @cheriemadeleine
Marissa Gold @themarissagold
Ayla Marie @ayla_woodruff
Emily Katz @emily_k8z
Max Weisz @maxnosleeves
Kathryn Le @kathrynle_
Strø @directedbystro

Official album art:

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