Troy - The Iliad

28 Jul 2009 10:00 32
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My video of the movie "Troy" (2004)based on Homer's Iliad, directed by Wolfgang Petersen, featuring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Julian Glover and Orlando Bloom.

I used the director's cut edition of the movie, and some of the scenes (Like Odysseus at Ithaca, some dialogues, Patroclus, etc).

The music featured in this video is:

- "Troy" from the original or official soundtrack (OST) of Troy.

- The temple of Poseidon, same.

- Briseis and Achilles.

- The wooden horse and the sacking of Troy.

- Through the fires, Achilles...and immortality.

- "The World is calling" by Jeff Martin from the album "The Exile and the Kingdom" (2006).

- Age of Empires : The Rise of Rome music.

- "Submission" from the 300 original motion picture soundtrack by Tyler Bates.

Homer (ancient Greek: ?µ????, Homeros) was an ancient Greek epic poet, traditionally said to be the author of the epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey. The ancient Greeks generally believed that Homer was a historical individual, but some modern scholars are skeptical: no reliable biographical information has been handed down from classical antiquity. According to Martin West, "Homer" is "not the name of a historical poet, but a fictitious or constructed name." The poems are now widely regarded as the culmination of a long tradition of orally composed poetry, but the way in which they reached their final written form, and the role of an individual poet, or poets, in this process is disputed. By the reckoning of scholars like Geoffrey Kirk, both poems were created by an individual genius who drew much of his material from various traditional stories. Others, like Martin West, hold that the epics were composed by a number of poets. Gregory Nagy maintains that the epics are not the creation of any individual; rather, they slowly evolved towards their final form over a period of centuries and, in this view, are the collective work of generations of poets.


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