URO Parts Porsche 911 Front Control Arm Bushings

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URO Parts has developed a high quality replacement bushing for Porsche 911 and 914 front control arms. These high quality bushings are made for easy installation using common shop tools. This video explains the reason why a replacement bushing has been so long coming and illustrates the installation process step-by-step.

Remove all traces of the old bushings from the control arms and the retaining sleeves before installing any new parts.

Please review make sure that all parts are clean and free of rust and grease prior to assembly.

Make a note of the orientation of the retaining sleeves in relation to the arm prior to disassembly and reassembly.

The new bushings must be heated in boiling water until the material reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Insert the heated bushing ½ way into the retaining sleeve by hand, being sure to use a towel, hot pad, or some sort of hand protection to prevent being burned. (The video does not show hand protection for visual clarity.) The inner surface of the bushing should be lubricated with liquid soap to aid installation.

Lightly lubricate control arm tube with liquid soap and push the exposed ½ of the bushing onto the tube by hand as far as possible.

Using a suitable hydraulic press, support the control arm vertically and press the housing / bushing assembly carefully onto the arm. Take care this is done with even slow pressure to ensure both slide together without binding or cocking.

As the retaining sleeve is pressed downward it will pull the remainder of the bushing into the sleeve and both should seat against the stop on the control arm tube.

A properly fitted bushing should have the rubber shoulder pressing against the flange of the retainer sleeve and the bushing should be evenly stretched inside the retainer sleeve.

If bushing begins to bind or bunch up during installation stop, remove parts, and start the process over making sure bushing is heated again.

It is critical this operation is done with the bushing hot since the factory also uses a hot press process. No glue or bonding agent is needed since the compression action of the sleeve retains the bushing onto the control arm. After installation is complete you can review and admire your quality work!

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