How to draw , a Beautiful nature - soft pastel

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How to draw , a Beautiful nature - soft pastel

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Hi, I am Dilip Sarkar, today I wanted to show how you can draw a beautiful nature in dawn and what colors you should use. Dawn is the time when nature is very fresh and so here you will get to know also how can you bring those effects. Her I have kept my article simple so that kids also can learn from this. I didn’t complicate it which is the motive of my website. So I hope you are learning interesting things from these painting and also follow the tips given below for this drawing.


STEP 1: In this pastel I wanted to show a kind of time of dawn. In my view this time nature looks so fresh and so beautiful. So for that to make a fogy gesture I have put little sky color, little blue and white and burred vertically in the middle of the page.

STEP 2: Then I have put some orange and red color in the upper left side and in the lower part of the page to show some colorful leaves of the trees are there. And with blue pastel pencil I have drawn some trees in the far which can be seen from the right side and some branches in the front who’s very little part we can see and also made some leaves with red and yellow ocher with that.

STEP 3: Then I have drawn some trees in the left side as front trees and also some in the right but only one or two with blue and brown then drew some leaves there with red, yellow ocher, orange and some light yellow.

STEP 4: Then I have made some more trees in the front of those trees which I described in the previous step. An also I made some grasses in right below the trees. You can see I have used the color who is most colorful.

STEP 5: This is the step which is very much important for this step. And after this step your drawing will totally turn into a beautiful painting. Here I added some flower with white in the leaves and in the ground. And also I have lighted the stems with white.

STEP 6: Then I used spray to stick the color on the paper as it is soft pastel. And you can add more details on the painting as needed like colorful flowers, lighting etc.

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