An Amish Clothesline (5 Reasons to Hang Laundry in the Sun)

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The book that started my journey, "Nourishing Traditions", you can find it here:

An Amish Clothesline - 5 Reasons to Hang Laundry in the Sun

Visit for a complete blog post on where I got this line and wood clothes pins.

1.) Dryers ruin delicate clothes, fade laundry and shrink your favorite clothes!

2.) Outside line drying sanitizes your clothes and gives laundry a fresh clean smell without toxic dryer sheets

3.) Hanging laundry in the sun, irons and starches your clothes. My table cloth is a prime example...

4.) A laundry line gives you a place to dry and sanitize large quilts, comforters, wool bed covers, air out goose downs comforters. For this reason alone you should have a clothes line!

5.) The best reason of all, line drying puts you in a better mood. No joke. I think it has something to do with going outside in the fresh air and sun. Handling your laundry outside is therapeutic. If you've never hung your clothes out to dry, you're gonna have to try it to understand.

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