How to unlock your favorite movies in Netflix for free (2016 Updated)

21 Aug 2016 02:31 1
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Bypassing Netflix for free. We all know how frustrating it can be when Netflix blocks certain movies in certain countries. With this simple hack, you can watch your favorite shows and movies without buying a VPN or using any type of proxy, as this is completely free and is much faster than a VPN or a proxy.

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Also, don't give hate comments it's my first video with tutorial (commentary). I hope i helped someone :)

If something didn't work try this: works like a charm to me. You need to go to and test if this comes out if not then go to ''Network and Sharing Center" then click change adapter settings, then wireless network connection or local area connection whatever you're using, then right click and properties, then select internet protocol version 4, then click properties, and last but not least click "Use the following DNS addresses" , Preferred DNS server: and Alternate DNS Server:, and click OK. Then you can go and watch Netflix, this will work 100% ;)

Link for the Smart DNS (free):
Link of my facebook account:
Link for Netflix (works):

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