Sealed Since WW2! time capsule mystery trunk! what's inside!?!

29 Oct 2018 22:34 0
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READ FIRST. I would like to share my respect to those that have served in the military. I have friends and family who serve as well, and appreciate the sacrifice they have made to keep our country and others safe. This trunk was sold to our store with the intention we would try and get our money back on whatever items were inside, I had been asked to put approximate values on items inside... this is not meant to lessen this mans service In WW2, but to give a general idea of what some military collectibles are worth. The Family that sold the trunk to us was aware it was their relatives war trunk, and as they are dealing with a large estate are not interested in keeping any of the items we found. Some of the books and materials went to a local museum.
The rest of these items will find a home with military enthusiasts. Also... we are not licensed to sell modern guns, which is why I mentioned the gun comment. We do however sell Antique firearms and would be happy to find antiques of course! Thanks for watching.

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