(MOST VIEWED ) - Cartoon Network - Sausage Party promo (APRIL FOOLS 2017; FAKE)

31 Mar 2017 02:14 413
superkeegan9100 Download
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EDIT 4/26/2018: Please disregard the statement below. I realize now that my Sausage Party video isn't as popular as it used to be, and I'm not always that mean.
Quit watching this damn video, I am sick of 99.9% of the attention, comments and subscribers on my channel coming from this crap. I do genuinely regret uploading this, it has only destroyed my channel as I know it, you'd think "but Keegan, wouldn't more subscribers and viewers from this video help you out?" No it friggin' won't, it won't do jack. Every video I upload nowadays hardly gets any views, and almost all of my "subscribers" now days are only idiots who only subbed because of this video, and aren't even willing to watch any of the other stuff I post. Quit giving this video attention, you're pretty much only helping in ruining my channel.

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