Arranged marriage or love marriage: what's best?

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Arranged marriage – outdated? Love marriage – a risky business? What do young Indian people today think? hit the streets of Mumbai to find out.

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Why love?

Unnati: It’s someone that you choose rather than your family choosing for you.

Rishit: Both the girl and the boy can know each other better. And they know their priorities and everything. They know their likes and dislikes. And also they can understand better.

Smitha : My parents had a love marriage, and had to fight to a certain extent for what they had. And I feel because of that they’re closer and they have a stronger connection.

Arpan: They’re better compatible, they’ve checked all the checkpoints before. Arranged marriage is like more of a blind game.

Why arranged?

Viral: Because that is the tradition and that is how we have been born and brought up.

Anushree: I wouldn’t mind settling for a guy who my mom chooses because she knows best what is for me and she knows me through and through.

Other thoughts…

Ahona: I don’t even believe in marriage. A piece of paper will never say that you are married or you are not. If you’re compatible with your partner, if you can stay with your partner, if you trust your partner, then fine, go for marriage or whatever, but then that’s more important, understanding and compatibility.

Dwit: I don’t think I can choose either of the options, because I’m gay and it’s illegal for me to get married, so if I would be getting married it would be a crime.

Kaushik: Love marriages which get arranged are good, because if the parents are not good with the choice of husband or wife, then problems arise and fights happen.

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