Features Only the Most RARE People Are Born With!

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Every person and their physical traits are wholly unique. Even a twin might have one thing just a little bit different. Here are some of the most rare physical features humans can have. How many of these have you seen or heard of in real life?

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7. Freckled Faces
Everybody has a freckle or two either on their face or somewhere else on their bodies. Then, there are those with cheeks full or even a face full of freckles. These small dots on our faces are just concentrated melanized cells and can be caused by exposure to the sun.
They’re quite small and can--for the most part--only be seen seen on fair skin. Alleles of the MC1R control how many freckles someone has while other genes can influence the size, pattern, and color.

6. The Earlobe’s Attachment
Earlobes get categorized in two different ways: unattached and attached. If the bottom of the earlobe connects completely to the side of the head, then they are attached. If not, they’re unattached. Simple. Easy. Then there are those outlier earlobes, the ones that cannot fit neatly into either of these two categories and exist somewhere in the middle.Unattached earlobes are dominant while attached earlobes are recessive. This means most people are born with unattached earlobes..

5. Tongue Roll
You would think you could just learn this physical ability. But really, some people are just born to roll their tongues. Lots of people believe that the ability to roll one’s tongue is a dominant inherited trait, though no scientific evidence can support this. However, a study did show that 70% of people with European ancestry possess this trait while the remaining 30% of the demographic could not. People who do this with their tongues were born with certain tongue muscles that let them. Honestly though, at the end of the day, what do you really do with this trait? It serves neither an aesthetic nor physically strengthening purpose. Is it just cool? Who knows?

4. No Fingerprints
We all watched those mystery shows where it appears the perpetrator sanded away their fingerprints or did something else crazy to remove their fingerprints in order to leave as little evidence behind as possible. In actuality, people born without fingerprints do exist, with only 4 known extended families in the whole world that have this condition. This rare genetic disorder is caused by a shortened form of a skin-specific protein, a mutation referred to as adermatoglyphia. There are no side effects, unlike other conditions that might give people a lack of fingerprints, such as dermatitis--inflammation of the skin that can result in worn fingerprints.

3. Double Lash Line
Because of a disorder called as distichiasis, a person may be born with double the lash lines. From a societal standard of beauty perspective, this trait would be highly desirable since it means you wouldn’t need fake lashes or as much mascara as other people would wear. Elizabeth Taylor famously had double lash lines, which made her dark eye makeup look even more dramatic. This mutation means more lashes will grow along your eyelid. So if the average number of lashes is somewhere between 150 to 200 hairs on the top lid, someone with distichiasis will have up to 400.

2. A Cholesterol Free Diet
It sounds gran that there are people out there that don’t need to worry about abiding by a cholesterol-low diet. Why? The lack of the PCSK9 gene in their bodies inhibits the growth of cholesterol. This lowers their risk of heart disease by about 90%, letting them have a much more inclusive diet in terms of their health. Every person has this gene, these people just have way less of it. Apparently, the pharmaceutical companies have even tried developing a drug that would block this gene. Looks like you can still eat meat, since that’s a big source of cholesterol.


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