3d drawing on paper | how to draw an apple

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How to draw 3d art on paper - 3d drawing of an apple

3d art are very interesting to make. A simple play at optical illusion makes the drawing seem like it's a 3d art figure popping out of the paper. This easy 3dart trick of apple drawn on Paper is based on drawing light reflections and shadows.

People often ask me about how to draw 3d art on paper. And I always tell them to pay attention to light source and shadows to draw an eye catching 3d art. This video shows simple techniques on how to draw 3D art on paper. It is super fun to draw. Learn an easy way on how to draw 3D Apple. It's an Anamorphic Illusion 3D Trick Art on paper.

For drawing this 3D drawing, you need an HB pencil, a charcoal pencil, markers and colored pencils.

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